Honda 17233MF2000

(17219HA2405) SEAL,B AIR/C CASE

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Honda 17233MF2000 Renewing O-rings when they must be removed and replaced, will make doubly sure the seal is maintained. The old one may seem O.K, but heat and pressure after tightening, will make them brittle and hard. To help you order the correct quantity and type of seals, gaskets and other consumables, why not check our online schematic, which will list everything you need for .. (17219HA2405) SEAL,B AIR/C CASE 17233mf2000,(17219ha2405),seal,b,air/c,case,renewing,o-rings,when,they,must,be,removed,and,replaced,will,make,doubly,sure,the,seal Buy these genuine Honda parts today from motorcycle-europe for only € 8.00 (17219HA2405) SEAL,B AIR/C CASE